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How to get a Cambodian Visa at Siem Reap Airport

GlobeDrifters February 1, 2018 uncategories 7

How to get a Cambodian Visa at Siem Reap Airport Getting your visa on arrival in Cambodia at the Siem Reap airport is a pretty easy affair and it is outlined in the 4 steps below. 1.) Complete forms during your flight. There is one international airport in Siem Reap (Siem Reap International Airport.) During […]

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An American in Cuba : A Guest Blog by Leslie Spoor

GlobeDrifters September 19, 2016 uncategories 0

An American in Cuba A guest blog by Leslie Spoor I never even thought about going to Cuba – it has been off limits my entire lifetime. But then, over the course of an hour, not one, but two emails came into my inbox promoting a trip and I thought it must be a sign! […]

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Exchanging Money in Cuba

GlobeDrifters June 1, 2016 uncategories 3

Exchanging Money in Cuba Money in Cuba : Double (Currency) Trouble? There are two types of currency in Cuba : the peso cubano (CUP) and the peso convertible cubano (CUC). This is sometimes a source of confusion for tourists traveling to Cuba. Basically, the CUP is the currency used uniquely among the Cuban people for […]

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Cuba – Expect the Unexpected

GlobeDrifters June 1, 2016 uncategories 0

What to Expect in Cuba Cuba is trending big time these days – in the news, among travelers, on social media, etc. More and more tourists are flocking to the tiny island before it is “ruined”. (Don’t even get me started on that topic. I’ll save it for it for another blog post!) I encourage […]

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Food in Cuba

GlobeDrifters June 1, 2016 uncategories 1

Food in Cuba Many travelers are pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of food that can be found in Cuba. Beans and rice are the staples, along with cucumber, tomato and cabbage as conventional ingredients for a Cuban salad. Chicken and pork are the most common meats served in Cuba. However, fish and a surprising […]

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Getting from the Bangkok Airport to your Hotel

GlobeDrifters September 23, 2015 uncategories 0

Getting from the Bangkok Airport to your Hotel There are two airports in Bangkok. One is called Suvarnabhumi Airport, the international flight hub. The other is called Don Mueang Airport for largely domestic flights, but some flights to and from neighboring countries also can be taken here. Both airports are about equal distance to the […]

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Jet Lag is for Amateurs

GlobeDrifters September 15, 2015 uncategories 0

Jet Lag is for Amateurs These days it seems like more and more people are traveling further and further. Different corners of the globe are now open to exploration. The wonders to be seen are countless and the high you get from seeing, eating, and experiencing new things is second to none. However, there is […]

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How you Know you Have Been Traveling For a Long Time

GlobeDrifters July 22, 2015 uncategories 0

Have you traveled or lived overseas for an extended period of time and then returned to your home country?  If so, then you can probably relate to these habits. 1) Your mom/roommate/friends keeps wondering why the trash bin in the bathroom is always filled with toilet paper.

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Why You Should Not Volunteer While Traveling

GlobeDrifters December 31, 2014 uncategories 0

The problem with volunteering overseas is that most do not have a skill set that is really needed for the volunteering position and most organizations want a minimum commitment of 6 months to really “make a difference,” not three days.

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A Love/Hate Relationship- Welcome to India

GlobeDrifters November 3, 2014 uncategories 1

Oh India…. you make me feel uncomfortable, give me severe diarrhea, make me take 30 hour train rides but in the end you utterly amaze me. You are that really bad relationship that I keep wanting to go back to.

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Broke in Burma

GlobeDrifters October 9, 2014 uncategories 3

Myanmar is a country that has recently opened its borders to the outside world and travelers are now flocking there in droves. Since the global economy has not largely influenced this country, it has some unique rules to follow, especially when it comes to money. 

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Asia – The Land of Festivals

GlobeDrifters September 9, 2014 uncategories 1

After living and traveling in Asia for many years I quickly learned that Asia has quite a fondness for festivals. There is the full moon festival, harvest festival, hottest day of the year festival, washing hair festival, camel festival, weaving festival and the list goes on. Many of these festivals are enjoyable but what festivals […]

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Meditation for the First Time

GlobeDrifters August 6, 2014 uncategories 0

While traveling, I always try to do activities for which a region is known, even if I don’t think I’ll enjoy them. Take trekking as an example. I am not a big trekker. I like leisurely walks, but climbing a mountain and trekking for hours doesn’t appeal to me much. It is actually quite the […]

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Traveling Alone in India as a Female

GlobeDrifters August 4, 2014 uncategories 2

Traveling Alone in India as a Female The Advantage Traveling alone in India as a female can be daunting at times, even for the most seasoned travelers. I thought it would be useful to recount some of my stories and experiences I had. As a female solo traveler who usually throws caution to the wind, […]

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People Ruin Everything

GlobeDrifters July 29, 2014 uncategories 2

Seven years ago I visited the island of Koh Phi Phi, which is probably the most popular and well-known island in Thailand. I went during peak season so there were hoards of tourists on the beach and it pretty much ruined the mood. I remember going into the water and thinking, “Is the water really […]

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Ethical Issues – Karen ‘long neck’ village

GlobeDrifters July 21, 2014 uncategories 10

Ethical issues when traveling to South East Asia has always been at the forefront of traveler’s minds. Are we hindering or helping child beggars by giving them money? If we ride on an elephant are we exploiting them? Don’t get me wrong, in the West we are burdened by many ethical problems of our own […]

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Teaching English in Korea

GlobeDrifters July 6, 2014 uncategories 0

Yes, I was an English teacher in Korea…as well as half the American population come to find out. Any time I mention to someone that I was an English teacher in Korea I get this response, “I know someone who did that.” I knew it was really popular to go to Korea; moneys good, experience […]

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