Meditation for the First Time

While traveling, I always try to do activities for which a region is known, even if I don’t think I’ll enjoy them. Take trekking as an example. I am not a big trekker. I like leisurely walks, but climbing a mountain and trekking for hours doesn’t appeal to me much. It is actually quite the opposite : I loathe it! I would much rather just look at the mountain from a distance while sipping on some cocoa. However, when at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, I couldn’t NOT do it. Up the mountain I went, huffing and puffing during the entire ascent thinking, “I really need to get in better shape!” or “When is break time?


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Traveling Alone in India as a Female

Traveling Alone in India as a Female

The Advantage

Traveling alone in India as a female can be daunting at times, even for the most seasoned travelers. I thought it would be useful to recount some of my stories and experiences I had. As a female solo traveler who usually throws caution to the wind, I got myself into some sticky situations. I will explain the pros and cons of traveling as a solo female, rather than just telling you “don’t do this” or “watch out for that.” This way you can draw your own conclusions and opinions.

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