Are you more of an adventurous traveler? If so, exploratory trips just might be for you.

An exploratory trip is Globe Drifters first trip to a specific country. What this means is there could be some ‘hiccups’ along the way.

We don’t feel that it would be fair to charge the full retail price for our first trip, so we will offer exploratory trips at a discount (usually 20% – 30% off the retail price, but it will vary depending on the trip). You will have the local guide along with a Globe Drifters representative with you for the duration of the trip.

Some people find the ‘hiccups’ add to the fun. Broken down overnight trains on the Romanian border, wooden boats going through 5-foot waves in Thailand, off-roading in the Sahara during a sandstorm, ox cart rides after the car breaks down… well you get the idea.

On all of our trips we try our best to give you ‘listen what happened to me’ moments, but you will get more of these moments on the exploratory trips.

We work with very small operators and tour guides who will show you the truly authentic side to the country you are visiting. Because these trips are run by locals who are not in the business to make a quick buck, you get a more ‘off the beaten path’ trip with a bit more adventure.

Each exploratory trip will differ. For example, in a western country the ‘hiccups’ will be minimal compared to say a country in Africa.

If you’re interested in our upcoming exploratory trips, check them out on our home page!