Tomb Raider for Realz!

Venture into the heart of Indochina as you make your way to Vietnam and Cambodia. From the bustling and chaotic city capitals of Hanoi and Phnom Phen to calm, idyllic islands with sugar white sand and brilliant blue waters to markets that will make all of your senses come alive!
No trip to Cambodia and Vietnam would be complete without exploring the ancient city of Angkor that is slowly being devoured by the jungle or sailing through Halong Bay for an overnight cruise on a traditional ‘junk’ boat. This trip truly is a once in a lifetime experience with breathtaking scenery, secluded beaches, a tragic yet captivating history and so much more!

Day 1 : Hanoi Arrival

Welcome to Vietnam! The immense population of Hanoi is immediately visible in its crowded streets, which are packed with bicycles, tuk tuks, motorbikes, cars and pedestrians. It is absolute transit madness and is really an attraction in and of itself. Most tourists perch atop lamp posts to get a bird’s eye view of the spectacle below as motorbikes whiz by with 6 people piled on them. Navigating through small mazes of alleys is how most people prefer to spend their time in Hanoi, which is just as fun as any purpose-built tourist attraction.

Today is arrival day and as many of you will have had long plane rides, you will have the day to settle in and get adjusted to the new time zone. If you’re not too jet lagged, you can explore your new surroundings of the hotel which is very centrally located.

Included :

  • Activities : Arrival (At your own expense); Free time
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 2 : Hanoi

After breakfast at the hotel, you‘ll meet your local tour guide for a Hanoi city tour during which you’ll stop at some of Hanoi’s most well-known sites; most notably Hoa Lo Prison, which housed POWs during the Vietnam War. After the tour, you’ll have some free time to grab a bite to eat and explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter, which is where your hotel is situated. Your guide will be able to suggest activities for you to do in your free time based on your interests.

The street food scene is thriving in Hanoi and is a fun way to explore the city. Your guide will meet you in the evening for a street food tour on which you’ll sample some amazing specialties in the never ending small alleys of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Our favorite is a mainstay in Vietnamese cuisine : a piping hot bowl of pho! If you’re more adventurous, then how about some fried grasshoppers? After getting your fill of food, let’s head to the small local watering holes on the street called Bia Hoi (fresh beer). Bia hoi is a small batch of homemade beer that is brewed fresh every day. It’s light, refreshing and perfect after a hot and steamy day in Hanoi. It is delivered daily and sold for around 15-25 cents per glass. Even if you are not a beer drinker, it is still fun to experience this very typical Hanoi scene and get a feel for the local life as the workers come here after a hard day’s work to get some cheap drinks!

Included :

  • Activities : Hanoi city tour; Free time; Street food tour
  • Meals : Breakfast, Dinner (Street food tour)
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 3 : Halong Bay (by private van & boat)

Halong Bay is a beautiful turquoise bay with an archipelago composed of more than 3,000 islands of all shapes and sizes, with characteristic limestone cliffs covered in green vegetation, protruding from the ocean’s surface. It is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the Gulf of Tonkin in the north shores of Vietnam. Halong means “descending dragon”, a suitable metaphor to describe the thousands of islands with bizarre rock formations found within this bay.

Your guide will be in the hotel lobby to pick you up with your luggage today and you’ll then be on your way to Halong Bay, which is an approximately 3 hour transit by private van and offers a much more tranquil setting than the clamor of Hanoi. You’ll board a private junk boat to start cruising along Halong Bay.

Later in the afternoon, you will have the option to visit Hang Doi (Bat Cave). As you enter the cave, you’ll see and hear the creatures that gave this cave its name. If you’re not up for the Bat Cave, you can just hang out on the deck of the boat. You’ll have free time on the boat after your excursion to go to the beach or you can book a massage on board the boat. Before dinner, there will be a cooking demonstration on the sundeck as well as happy hour before you dine. After dinner, you’ll have the option to do some nighttime fishing for squid with the locals.

Included :

  • Activities : Halong Bay transfer & cruise; Bat Cave; Free time; Cooking demonstration; Squid fishing
  • Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation : Luxury cruise boat

Day 4 : Hoi An (by plane)

For the early risers, you can enjoy a Tai Chi session as the sun comes up on the ship’s sundeck followed by a light breakfast. After breakfast, you’ll explore Sung Sot Cave, also known as Surprise Cave, but you’ll just have to check it out to see what is so surprising about it! There are about 100 stone steps leading up to the cave entrance and the tour of the cave will be about 45 minutes, but not much physical exertion is required, so we highly recommend a visit to this cave. You won’t be disappointed! Upon returning to the boat, you’ll freshen up and pack up your bags before lunch after which you’ll say goodbye to Halong Bay.

Next up is Hoi An which is an approximately 1.5 hour flight from Hanoi. Arrival to Hoi An will be in the evening and at that time you’ll get settled into your hotel rooms and have some free time to relax after the full day’s events. Otherwise, you can walk around Hoi An to familiarize yourself with this quaint and charming town.

Included :

  • Activities : Tai Chi session (Optional); Sung Sot Cave; Hoi An transfer; Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast, Lunch
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 5 : Hoi An

The maritime importance of Hoi An dates back to as early as the 2nd century BC. The town rose to prominence in the 16th century, and for the next two hundred years was one of Vietnam’s most important trading ports. It has seen occupation by the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans, and their influences are visible throughout the old town, especially in the temples and houses built by merchants who came to trade, but settled down here instead. Towards the end of the 18th century, the river slowly silted up; although this eventually led to the end of trade, it helped preserve the town and all its charm.

In the morning, you’ll head off for a guided tour of Hoi An on foot and by bicycle as well as a visit to a nearby ancient village. Once the tour has finished, you’ll have the rest of the day to roam around this small city, full of allure.

The best way to discover Hoi An is to simply wander. Temples, museums and preserved houses are plentiful in the maze of streets that winds throughout the town. There are 850 heritage-protected buildings and the best way to get a feel for the town comes from visiting these well-preserved heritage buildings lining the alleys. As with everywhere in this country, the ‘real’ Vietnam is to be found in unexpected places, such as a hidden back street or turning down an unexpected alley, or talking in broken English to the old lady who sells Chinese scrolls. In hidden nooks and crannies are art galleries, cafes and gastronomic gems.  There are shops filled with lanterns and of course, the silk for which the town is famed. There are many woodworkers and carvers, artists at work and craft shops.

Included :

  • Activities : Ancient village; Hoi An guided tour; Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 6 : Siem Reap (by plane)

You’ll have some time in the morning to do some last minute sightseeing and shopping in Hoi An and you’ll then head toward the airport to catch an approximately two hour flight to Siem Reap. On arrival in Siem Reap, you’ll get settled into your hotel and have a few hours for some R&R by the hotel pool. In the evening, let’s meet up and head to Pub Street and the Night Market for some good eats, refreshing drinks and unique shopping before turning in for the night. Along the way, we’ll stop at Wat Preah Prohm Rath to which our guide has a special connection!

Included :

  • Activities : Siem Reap transfer; Free time; Wat Preah Prohm Rath; Pub Street and Night Market
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 7 : Siem Reap

Siem Reap, which literally means the “Defeat of Siam”, is one of the most visited regions in Cambodia and this is due to one thing…Angkor! Angkor is what remains of the once powerful Khmer empire and is one of the world’s largest sacred temples. It is perhaps one of the most impressive sights in the world. Once a quaint village, Siem Reap sprung to life in the 1990s, when the desire for off-the-beaten track travel surged. The ripples of the great tourist boom has continued spreading and there are no longer any remnants of the quaint village. The influx of tourism has transformed this once quiet, little town’s city center into an eclectic array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that rival any college town along with a night market that stays open well past midnight.

After an early breakfast, put on your Indiana Jones attire as you get ready to spend the day walking through the hundreds of temples that are slowly being devoured by the jungle. Climb up a temple at sunset and get a bird’s eye view of this amazing wonder which words and pictures can’t describe. After some down time at the hotel, we’ll head out for a puppet show set outside Siem Reap in a rural village and have a traditional Cambodian dinner after the show.

Included :

  • Activities : Angkor Wat (Guide and tuk-tuk included, but ticket at your own expense); Free time; Bambu Stage puppet show
  • Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 8 : Siem Reap 

Today we’ll head to an adjacent village by tuk-tuk to get a taste of local life. You’ll be able to have a chat with the people in the village to learn about their daily lives and perhaps get an idea of some of the hardships that the resilient Khmer people have had to endure and overcome in the recent past. We’ll also stop at a local market where you can try some of the strange eats and exotic fruits. Then, let’s go for a tour of Sombai distillery where you’ll learn how this Cambodian liqueur is made along with a tasting. In the afternoon, there is the option of stopping by another local market where you may purchase school supplies to donate to a local school which you’ll visit tomorrow. Afterwards, you will have free time and your choice of activity. One option is going for a boat ride around a lake and see fishermen’s stilted houses. The guide will be there to point you in the right direction based on your interests.

Included :

  • Activities : Local village and market; Sombai tour; Boat ride (Optional & at your own expense); Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 9 : Siem Reap

After breakfast, you’ll be off to visit a rural school and village. Your guide has started an initiative for this school in which people donate bicycles to the school children, many of whom have to walk up to 8 miles to get to school. If you purchased anything to donate yesterday, you will be able to give your gifts to the children today. On the way to the school, we’ll stop at a small village where you’ll see its inhabitants cooking sticky rice in bamboo and going about their daily lives.

You will then head to Angkor once again as it is nearly impossible and completely exhausting to try to squeeze Angkor into one day. After visiting some of the lesser known (and less crowded) Angkor temples, you will likely need some time to unwind and luckily the hotel has a pool perfect for just that. Afterwards, you will have choice in activity. We recommend the Landmine Museum which was established by a former child soldier, Aki Ra, who returned to his home and began clearing the landmines surrounding his house by hand after the war. Today, a museum has been established in his home to recount his story and is also a home for under-privileged children. There’s also a honeybee farm not far from Siem Reap where you can take a tour and learn how they have turned this hobby into a sustainable livelihood for many locals. If you’re looking for something else to do, just ask your local guide. He will be able to point you in the right direction!

At night, if you’re up for it, you can head back to Pub Street to check out some of Siem Reap’s nightlife. Have a drink and enjoy the people watching on this busy street. Or return to the Night Market to check out the many massage parlors offering 1 hour massages costing anywhere between $5 for a basic foot massage to $18 for a luxury spa massage.

Included :

  • Activities : Local village school; Angkor Wat (Guide and tuk-tuk included, but ticket at your own expense); Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Boutique hotel

Day 10 : Koh Rong (by plane & boat)

Today you’ll check out of your hotel and be on your way to paradise : Koh Rong Island. This island is quite possibly that cliché island paradise you’ve been looking for, boasting powdery white beaches, turquoise water and limited development on much of the island. For years the island was almost completely undeveloped except for a diving outfit and a few bungalows, though that has changed in the past decade or so. After arrival, you’ll have the evening to relax in your room or go for a dip in the beautiful waters just a few steps from your bungalow!

*Please note that there are no ATMs on the island of Koh Rong, so you should bring cash for meals, beverages, any excursions, massages and any other optional activities.

Included :

  • Activities : Koh Rong transfer; Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Beach bungalow resort

Day 11 : Koh Rong 

Koh Rong is the perfect place to kick back and relax after several days of moving around Vietnam and Cambodia. It is a truly gorgeous island with its long stretches of beaches and extraordinarily beautiful waters. The island consists of numerous bays making for great snorkeling and diving. Please be aware that the island does not have electricity and resorts rely on generators for power. Although the power is usually 24/7, it can be spotty at times; so why not take the day to relax and spend the day reading a book at the beach and enjoying life away from the glare of phone and computer screens? The beach is also spacious and ideal for a stroll to admire the beautiful views of the clear blue sea.

Included :

  • Activities : Free time; Beach day; Optional activities (At your own expense)
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Beach bungalow resort

Day 12 : Koh Rong  

Today you’ll have the day at your leisure and take part in some of the activities offered on the island. We love a nice massage on the beach to work out all the kinks. You can also go snorkeling, scuba diving, canopy hiking, fishing, kayaking or jungle trekking. It’s your choice!

Included :

  • Activities : Free time; Optional activities (At your own expense)
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Beach bungalow resort

Day 13 : Phnom Penh (by boat and van)

Today you’ll bid farewell to the exquisite island of Koh Rong. After packing your bags, you’ll hop on the ferry to the mainland and proceed to catch a van to go to Phnom Penh, the tireless capital of Cambodia. You’ll arrive in the afternoon where you will settle into your hotel and have the evening at your leisure. If you’re not too tired, your guide can direct you where to buy some souvenirs or you can take a stroll along the river with its many vendors. You can even get your fortune read!

Included :

  • Activities : Phnom Penh transfer; Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Hotel

Day 14 : Phnom Penh

Welcome to the capital of Cambodia. Once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, Phnom Penh was once one of the better-preserved French colonial towns in Southeast Asia. However, the last 20 years have seen considerable financial investment from China and South Korea as well as an onslaught of new construction projects which have resulted in many of Phnom Penh’s French relics and its unique 1950s and 1960s architecture falling to the wrecking ball, only to be replaced by characterless glass and brass affairs. The result is a hodge-podge of stunning French colonial buildings, quirky modernist buildings and concrete egg carton eyesores.

The most visited attraction here will leave you in tears, but will give you insight to what life was like during the Khmer Rouge’s reign. The killing fields and S21 genocide museum, which are synonymous with torture and mass murder, are must-see attractions. Though this might not be the most pleasant day, it is an integral part of Khmer history and something that should be visited in order to understand the current state of the Khmer politics and society. There is not one family that was not affected by the Khmer Rouge in some way. One quarter of the population died at the hands of this horrific regime.

In the evening, you’ll check out an Apsara (Khmer traditional dance) show at the National Museum to end the day on a lighter note. Phnom Penh also has quite a lively restaurant and bar scene with many non-profit shops and eateries to visit, so you can feel good as you eat, drink and shop your way through the city. After the Apsara show, you will head to ‘Friends’ restaurant which is one of the longest running restaurants in Cambodia. This is a non-profit business which helps at-risk youth learn new skills in the food industry and it has some of the best food around! The souvenir shop next door does not disappoint with creative objects all made from recycled goods.

Cambodian cities are not going to win any awards for being the most lovely, but it is important to step back and imagine what these people and their country have been through : one of the largest mass genocides known in history. This was only 50 years ago and the country is still being ruled by a former commander of the Khmer Rouge. Foreign investment is plundering the country to keep the dirty politicians’ pockets lined. Sadly, corruption and bribery run rampant and even with all of these horrific things happening, the Khmer people are some of the friendliest in Southeast Asia. To have such optimism with so many setbacks and misfortunes shows that the Khmer people are some of the most resilient and resourceful in the world!

Included :

  • Activities : S21 genocide museum; Killing fields; Free time; Apsara performance
  • Meals : Breakfast
  • Accommodation : Hotel

Day 15 : Phnom Penh Departure

Depending on your flight time, you will have free time on your own in Phnom Penh before catching your flight.

Included :

  • Activities : Free time; Departure (At your own expense)
  • Meals : Breakfast

*Itinerary is subject to change.

Regular Season 15-Day Tours

$3,300 – Trip cost (See below for inclusions and exclusions.)

I’m a single traveler. Will I be charged a single supplement?

If you would like to be paired up with someone of the same gender on the trip to avoid paying the single supplement, we can arrange this for you. If there is nobody with whom to pair you up, you WILL have to pay the single supplement. Pairing with another person of the same gender comes on a first-come, first-served basis. After you reserve your spot, we will send you a questionnaire pertaining to this. Please return it to us immediately, so that we can try our best to accommodate your needs.

If you want a single room throughout the tour, you can purchase the “single supplement”. The single supplement fee for this trip is $600. If you would like your own room, you can buy the additional supplement at check-out.

What is included :

  • 14 nights accommodation
  • 2 domestic flights and 1 international flight (Vietnam to Cambodia)
  • Ground transportation
  • Ferry/Speed boat transfers
  • Local guides throughout
  • Halong Bay overnight cruise
  • Activities as indicated on itinerary
  • All breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

What is not included :

  • Some excursions and activities
  • Most lunches and dinners
  • Beverages
  • Gratuities
  • International flights (To Hanoi and from Phnom Penh)
  • Insurance
  • Visas
Group Size

Each of our groups has a maximum of 12 travelers plus a local Vietnamese and Cambodian guide in each respective country. We try to price our trips very reasonably while taking into consideration the small group sizes as well as all that is included.

When tour group sizes increase to 15 – 30 travelers, the general ambiance of the trip is less authentic and travelers tend to be less able to integrate into a society. Large tour groups also generally have less authentic contact with the locals. The more people in a tour group, the more the group experiences their own culture rather than the one of the country that they are visiting.

Small group sizes are beneficial because they tend to allow for easier transport and communication. They are more mobile and can be more easily integrated into a social scene in both countries. A small group traveler is also less likely to be treated as a tourist ready to be exploited for his/her money. Additionally, small groups are more flexible as travel plans can be more easily altered en route. If the group discovers a special event or festival in Vietnam or Cambodia that they would like to attend, and this is not covered by the original tour itinerary, it is possible to change the itinerary. A small group size also means that travelers will receive more individual attention from their tour guide. As a small group, it is easier to come to an agreement and for the tour guide to change reservations, if needed.

Small groups are low impact in Vietnam and Cambodia because they don’t introduce a large number of foreigners to a local scene where they can have adverse impacts on the local society and other travelers. For example, a large tour group can take up all the seats on a local bus or fill an entire restaurant forcing locals and other travelers away from their preferences.


The most convenient way to deal with money is to withdraw money from an ATM with a debit card.

  • Many of the hotels and finer restaurants will take major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only). Be prepared to have to pay a foreign transaction fee every time you use your credit/debit card.
  • ATM machines are plentiful, so you can easily pull out money.
  • There are many banks and money changers that offer a fair exchange rate for the US dollar.

Once you arrive in Hanoi, you will need to either exchange some money or go to an ATM at the airport to withdraw some Vietnamese dong (VND). We recommend only exchanging or withdrawing a small amount of money at the airport (around $25-$50) as the exchange rates at the airport are not very good. The next day, you can go to a bank and exchange a larger amount of money at a much better rate. Taking out money from an ATM is always very easy and for each transaction, we recommend pulling the maximum amount allowed to avoid fees and hassle. In Vietnam, they will usually accept US Dollars if you do not have Vietnamese Dong. We strongly suggest calling your bank before you arrive to let them know you will be traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia, so that they do not put a hold on your card.

In Cambodia, the de facto currency is the US dollar and most transactions are done in US dollars, so you will not need to exchange money in Cambodia. If your change from a transaction is small, it is given back in the local currency (Cambodian riel). All ATMs give you choice of US dollar or Cambodian riel.

A suggested amount of money to bring on this trip for food that is not included, gratuities, alcoholic beverages, etc. is $400 – $700 USD. This is based on past customers’ experiences, but if you tend to have more expensive tastes and go for big nights out on the town, then plan to bring more than suggested. WE HIGHLY ADVISE BUDGETING MORE MONEY THAN YOU EXPECT TO SPEND IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.

IMPORTANT:  We highly recommend going to the bank before your trip and getting at least $20 to $40 in one dollar bills along with a few five and ten dollar bills. Anything over ten dollars is hard to break in Cambodia and hundreds are nearly impossible.  The bills do not need to be in perfect condition, but decent shape (no major tears).  This is very helpful when purchasing small things on the street and as tips.

Donations and Volunteering

In Cambodia there are many NGOs, but it is important to be careful when donating money to any cause or organization. Although an organization may appear as good-intentioned, many are hindering more than helping and scams are quite common.

As an example, a public school might ask for money to buy books from an NGO or tour group, but unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for the school’s teacher to sell the books for for his or her own profit. In the end, the teacher pockets the money and the children are still without the books that they need.

It is our position that orphanages are also not tourist attractions and we will not be visiting any on the trip. Often times, there are also scams in orphanages, especially those in Cambodia. Unfortunately, many orphanage directors have realized that tourists willingly donate money and as a result, children are taken and placed there to make the orphanage look over-crowded and its conditions sub-standard to pull on tourists’ heart strings. Many of these children actually have parents, but are being taken away from their homes and exploited for money. We strongly advise against visiting an orphanage in Cambodia for any reason. There are many public awareness campaigns against the ‘fake orphanages’ and while some have been shut down, there are still many in operation today.

What to Bring

The weather will be hot in both countries (80s Fahrenheit), so bring lightweight, cool clothes that dry fast.  Although in Halong Bay it can be a little chilly at night and you might need a light cardigan. When visiting a temple, shoulders and knees need to be covered, so please consider this when packing. A thin scarf is a perfect item to pack for temple visits as it can be folded up and fit into a small space.

Laundry service is offered at most of our accommodation and is very cheap. This way you can bring less clothing which will allow more room in your luggage for souvenirs!

Recommended items for this trip are :

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent (DEET strength)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Diarrhea medicine
  • Sea/Car sickness medicine
  • Bathing suit
  • Flip flops and closed toed walking shoes/sneakers
  • Small backpack or across the shoulder bag for the day
  • Phone or flashlight/head torch
  • Cardigan or light jacket/windbreaker for Halong Bay
  • Face/surgical mask for dusty tuk tuk rides

Wifi is available at every hotel at which we will be staying. The connection in some hotels may not be as strong as you are used to and Internet may not be available in your room, but only in the hotel lobby/reception area. On the island of Koh Rong (Cambodia), the internet is available at our resort, but is quite spotty.


At every hotel we stay, laundry service will be available at a very reasonable cost, so we recommend trying to pack as little as possible.


Vietnam and Cambodia are relatively safe countries and for those who get something stolen from them or have something bad happen to them; it is almost always because they acted irresponsibly and drugs and alcohol were very likely involved. If you take the same general safety precautions as if you were traveling to any major city in the world, you’ll have a wonderful travel experience with lots of amazing stories to tell.

Please also note that most thieves are not career criminals, but rather opportunists. If you leave your wallet on the table unattended, it will likely be taken just like in any other travel destination. It is also a good idea not to wear flashy and expensive looking jewelry as well as not to flaunt your wealth in order to prevent yourself from being an easy target for a thief.


The water in both countries is safe to brush your teeth with, but it is not recommended for drinking.

The bottled water is very cheap, but please make sure to recycle. Vietnam and Cambodia have a very serious plastic waste problem, but unfortunately, there are not many water refill stations. Most of the hotels we go to have two free, refillable glass water bottles that are placed in your room each day for your use. Another thing you can do to help alleviate the plastic problem is to turn down plastic bags when making a purchase and placing the items in your purse/daypack.

Medical facilities

The U.S. Embassies’ websites in both Vietnam and Cambodia have lists of doctors and medical facilities in various cities throughout each country. In the unlikely case of a medical emergency, you will be directed to a medical facility of good standing.


Tipping is not compulsory, but for many western travelers it is customary. If you receive exceptional service from anyone, tipping is appreciated. You can follow the same guidelines as in the U.S. : 10-20% of the cost, depending on the quality of the service. Most who will be helping you make very little money and any tip is highly appreciated. Services and food are cheap, so the tip will usually only cost you a dollar or two, if not less. If you do not receive good service, do not feel obligated to tip.


The outlets in Vietnam and Cambodia will work with American-style plugs. The electrical outlets are 220-230 volts and fit with the two parallel flat prong plugs found in America. You’ll also see some outlets with the cylindrical two prongs commonly associated with Europe.


In your pre-departure notes, you will receive the name and address of the hotel in both Vietnamese and English as well as pertinent phone numbers. It will be the responsibility of each traveler to make their way from the airport to the hotel on their own upon arrival.


Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States must obtain a visa in order to travel to Vietnam. It is the responsibility of each traveler to obtain this visa. We recommend the visa on arrival as the most convenient and time efficient method. Please be sure to give yourself enough time to allow for the processing all visa-related documents.

If you are from a country other than those listed above, please check with your nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate about your visa requirements.

To obtain your visa on arrival in Vietnam, please consult the link below :

Vietnamese Visa on Arrival

In Cambodia, you will get a visa upon arrival at the airport. The visa costs $30 USD and can be paid for in cash only at the airport. Almost all nations, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, are required to get a visa on arrival in Cambodia. If you are not sure of your country’s visa requirements, please contact us.

To read about obtaining your visa on arrival in Cambodia, please visit the link below :

Cambodian Visa on Arrival

*After booking the tour, you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to obtain the visas needed for travel to Vietnam and Cambodia.


The group will officially meet for the first time after breakfast on Day 2 in the morning in the hotel lobby area. This will be discussed in detail in your pre-departure notes that you will receive approximately two weeks before your trip. If you arrive early on Day 1, you will have free time to do as you wish in Hanoi.

Your arrival city is Hanoi, Vietnam. Return flights should be for 14 days later, from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It is important to note that flights to Hanoi will leave your home airport at least 1 day before the actual arrival date because of the time difference and distance.

After booking the trip, we will contact you regarding your arrival in Vietnam and departure from Cambodia. You will also have the option of purchasing extra nights pre-tour in Hanoi or post-tour in Phnom Penh.

*Please do not reserve any flights until you receive a confirmation from us which will be 1 to 2 business days at the most after booking the tour.

PEAK Season : December and January – Peak season is a bit cooler than the other months and there is not as much humidity. Monsoon has ended, so there is typically little to no rain.

SHOULDER Season : November, February and March – Shoulder season is right before and after peak season and is a great time to experience Vietnam/Cambodia. The weather is not as hot as low season and has less crowds. The monsoons have ended, so there is usually little to no rain.

LOW Season: April to October – At this time, it is hot both day and night and occasional, short, intense showers occur usually in the late afternoon or evening. The upside to traveling in this period is that it is far less crowded than in the other seasons.

On this trip, you will definitely remember the accommodation as it ranges from charming boutique hotels to junk-inspired cruise ships to secluded island bungalows. All of the places you will stay at have been hand-selected by us for their uniqueness and quality. In the beach bungalows on Koh Rong, please be aware that the resorts there rely on generators for power, though not always stable and 24/7, it will be available the majority of your stay there.


Halong Bay

Hoi An



Siem Reap


Koh Rong


Phnom Penh


*All hotels are subject to change.


We recommend that you purchase trip/travel insurance for your trip. We work with Travelex, which offers travel protection plans to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Travel protection plans include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more. Otherwise, you are welcome to shop around online for a provider and policy that best suits your needs.

For more information on the recommended plans or to enroll, click on the image below or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792. Globe Drifters’ reference location number is 09-0984.

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex CA Agency License #0D10209. All products listed are underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. 11.17 E7N


Below is information from the CDC and its recommendations regarding vaccinations for travel to Vietnam and Cambodia :

CDC Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh City Extension

We offer a 4-day / 3-night pre-tour extension in Ho Chi Minh City.

Trip dates : November 13 – 16, 2019

Price : $650

Single Supplement : $250

What is included :

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 1 domestic flight (HCMC to Hanoi)
  • Ground transportation
  • Local guide throughout
  • Activities as indicated on itinerary
  • All breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner

What is not included :

  • Optional activities
  • Some meals
  • Beverages
  • Gratuities
  • International flight
  • Insurance
  • Visa

Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh City

Today is arrival day and you will have the day at your leisure.

Included :

  • Activities : Arrival (At your own expense); Free time
  • Accommodation : Hotel

Day 2 : Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC, formerly known as Saigon, is a fast-paced, high-energy city that will take you for a whirlwind of a ride. There’s everything from luxury hotels to dirt cheap guesthouses, Michelin-star restaurants to street stalls offering the most delicious local delicacies, classy boutiques to cheap souvenir stands, traditional temples to modern skyscrapers and everything in between. This city is one of old-school and contemporary contrasts as well as home to some of the best food in the country…a foodie’s paradise!

This morning you’ll have a leisurely breakfast and some pool time if you wish. Later in the morning, a private vehicle will pick you up and you’ll be on your way to lunch at an amazing local restaurant to see why Vietnamese food is always ranked among top cuisines of the world with a peaceful view of Saigon River as you dine. After lunch, you’ll head to the Cu Chi tunnels, which are a portion of the vast network of tunnels running underground throughout most of the country. These tunnels were used by the Viet Cong to hide out and played an important role in the Viet Cong’s efforts against the American military during the Vietnam War. As you tour these tunnels, you’ll learn in more detail about their part and importance for the Viet Cong as well as the way the people of Vietnam lived, worked and fought underground with such an extraordinary determination.

Included :

  • Activities : Cu Chi tunnels transfer & tour; Free time
  • Meals : Breakfast, Lunch
  • Accommodation : Hotel

Day 3 : Ho Chi Minh City

Today you’ll have a sightseeing tour of the some of the most iconic and impressive landmarks of HCMC, including : the Saigon Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Saigon Central Post Office, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, and much more! But we like to add a twist, as we will be doing this on the back of motorbike! After the city tour, you’ll stop back at the hotel for a short break before this evening’s activities. Later that evening lets hop back on the motorbikes and prepare yourself for the gourmet ride of your life as you tour five districts and at least 26 locally famous streets, where the locals eat, shop and party! You’ll indulge yourself with more than 12 mouth-watering local foods on this tour. Having eaten your way through the city, we suggest a calm night back at the hotel to sleep off all the foods you enjoyed on the food tour. For those who are still feeling energized, head out for a night out on the town at one of HCMC’s many nightlife hot spots!

Included :

  • Activities : Ho Chi Minh City guided motorbike tour; Motorbike food tour
  • Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation : Hotel

Day 4 : Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi (To start general tour)

Today is your last day in Ho Chi Minh City and you’ll have the morning to yourself to see some last sites or get some last minute souvenir shopping in. You’ll then be picked up by a private vehicle and transferred to the airport to catch your approximately 2 hour flight to Hanoi to start the tour and meet up with the rest of the group!

Included :

  • Activities : Airport transfer; Hanoi transfer
  • Meals : Breakfast

*Itinerary is subject to change.

Trip Date

NOVEMBER 30, 2019
USD $3300

Price based on double occupancy. Single Supplement can be purchased for an additional $600.


  1. Interested in this trip just not sure if I can pull it off this coming November.

  2. Great trip to Cuba thanks to Globe Drifters and our guide in Cuba, Mickel. Everythinkg went so smoothly and each day was a new adventure. Really loved this trip.

    Loved the. I a trip so much decided to go with Globe Drifters to Vietnam and Cambodia . Once again GD’s out did themselves. This trip had the best guides, really great hotels and interesting trips. All at reasonable prices. I really love this tour group.

  3. My wife, 22 year old son and I went to Vietnam and Cambodia with Globe Drifters in January, 2017. We really had a great time and have no complaints about the trip, the locations, the accomodations or the experience – it was really terrific. Because Vietnam is pretty big, we did spend a fair amount of time traveling from place to place, but the logistics worked beautifully and were just part of the experience. This is a great trip for people who want to see Southeast Asia but may be reluctant to try it on their own. The food experience alone is worth it but the sights and sounds are so exotic, the culture is so different, it is just really awesome. All of our accomodations were great. Jodi and team did a great job. I had been on a Cuba trip too with Globe Drifters. That one also was very well done. I personally preferred Vietnam/Cambodia but both trips were reasonably priced and well done.

  4. My boyfriend and I had a great time in Vietnam with Jodi. There was a good balance of free time and organized outings. We stayed in nice places and explored sights we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to get to. Globe Drifter’s would definitely get my recommendation as a convenient and cost-effective way to see the world!

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