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Globe Drifters gives new meaning to travel by putting the human experience at the heart of our trips. Let’s face it, there are lots of different options for travel out there. So what sets Globe Drifters’ trips apart from the others? According to our travelers, it’s the group. We keep our group sizes small at 10 – 12 people maximum per trip. What’s even more, is that at least 90% of everyone in each group are solo travelers. We know from experience that it can be lonely traveling in large groups composed mostly of couples. So not only do you get more personal attention from the tour leader in a small group, but you’re not stuck being the odd man out as you’re traveling with mostly other solo travelers! 

We understand that not everybody travels the same way and some enjoy vacations at their own pace. This is why we created our Slowcations. You’ll make lots of new friends, have plenty of fun, and feel at ‘home away from home’ while enjoying your vacation at your own pace. Decide your own itinerary and our slowcation leader will be there to offer insider tips.

Everyone is welcome on our trips; male/female, LGBTQIA+/straight, and solos/couples. 

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