Our Mission

Globe Drifters gives a new meaning to group travel by putting the human experience at the heart of our trips.

Meet the Team


Jodie Smith

Jodie was born and raised in Jupiter, FL and after spending much of her life in Florida she decided to move across the world to teach English in Asia.

After many years of traveling and teaching overseas she came back to America and decided to give California a try and settled in San Francisco. She loved San Francisco but did not like the rent prices so she decided to give up her apartment and focus on planning trips overseas and lives everywhere and nowhere.


(Travel Specialist)


Rebecca hails from a small town in Iowa and has been with Globe Drifters since 2016. She has a passion for languages and in addition to English, speaks French, Spanish and Korean as well as a bit of German.

After having spent 10 years in South Korea, she recently re-located in Cuba and enjoys running and schooling the unsuspecting Cuban on the basketball court.


(Travel Specialist)


Sandy joined the Globe Drifters team in the end of 2019 and is our cheesy french addition to the team. On the road for the past 12 years, she lived in 9 countries and speaks fluent English, Spanish and of course, French.

Currently moving between Thailand and Spain, planes became her main transportation mode. No need to say that wine and cheese are part of her genes, she likes releasing her spare energy learning Muay Thai and any dance finishing with an “a”… Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, you name it!