Extended Stay Trips

Ever dreamt of spending a month in a beautiful villa surrounded by lavish landscapes and feasting on delectable, local delicacies?

Our extended stay trips are perfect for those who want to leisurely discover an area rather than just pass through it in order to understand the culture and society more profoundly. 

How does it work?

Each year, there will be a month-long, 15 days  or week long stay at amazing destinations around the world. Group sizes will vary in size between 6 and 14  people per trip. At each destination, there will be a local concierge who will give you the inside scoop about the area and to set up any activities for you. 

During your stay, you can join others in different local activities, host a dinner/happy hour, take a day trip, etc. It is completely up to you!

You will be provided with a list of possible activities and excursions in the area as well as a local who will serve as a concierge and help you and make any desired arrangements or reservations. If there is an activity that you’d like to try out, you can invite your fellow housemates by leaving a note on the house’s message board where they can sign up to join in on the fun. Or if you’d like to host a happy hour, then let others know about it on the same message board!

Prior to and upon arrival, you will receive a detailed map of the area and its surroundings, a list of highlights and possible activities/excursions, a local SIM card and a welcome basket. 

What is and what is not included as well as the number of travelers will vary depending on the destination. 

Why One Spot?

Staying in one place means that you can really take your time and explore an area in depth. Get to know the local vendors at the local farmer’s market, chat with the locals during lazy walks around the town, visit artisans who produce regional goods and so much more!

As you will be in one spot, you can participate in or skip any activities without feeling rushed. If you want to take a bike ride around the town, go for it! If you want to sleep in and lay by the pool with a good book all day, have at it! Your schedule is totally up to you. 

We realize that it is no easy task to gather 10 ~ 15 friends or family to go away for a month with you, so we’ll take care of this part for you! These trips allow you to travel in comfort with like-minded people to share the costs of staying in a grand Tuscan village, a historic mansion by the sea or even tropical bungalow oasis! 

Who can go?

These trips are open to all ages, genders and nationalities and though most of our travelers are between 55 and 70 years old and solo female travelers; everyone is welcome! The only requirements we have of you are a positive attitude and an open mind! Unlike cruises and large group travel, you will not be herded toward a buffet and forced to eat mediocre food or taken to tourist traps so the guide can earn a commission. Instead, you will be treated to a once in a lifetime, genuine experience! 

To make sure that each one of our trips is unbelievable and exceeds your expectations, we make sure that you have the most amazing accommodation and experiences that will keep you smiling years after your trip!