Rome Airport (FCO) Pick-Up

Rome Airport (FCO) Pick-Up

Rome-Fiumicino International Airport “Leonardo Da Vinci” (FCO) is a big airport with lots of arrivals and departures daily. Airport pick-up is included in the cost of our Italian Villa Slowcation. We understand that it can be stressful trying to find your driver after a long flight and through the crowds of travelers. This blog explains how to find your driver for your Rome airport (FCO) pick-up in 3 easy steps so you can start your adventure in the beautiful Tuscan countryside!

Step 1: Deplane & Immigration

Upon landing at the Rome airport, you’ll get off the plane and pass through immigration where your passport will be stamped. Then, on to baggage claim to collect your luggage.

Step 2: Collect your Luggage

After you’ve deplaned and gone through immigration, you’ll head to baggage claim where you’ll collect your luggage. Once you have your luggage, look for the “Exit” signs and leave the baggage claim area. You will not have anything to declare so you can pass through the customs section that is green and that says “Nothing to declare”.

Just follow the “Exit” sign once you’ve collected your luggage.

Note: If your luggage is delayed or lost, you must send us a message or call us so that we can inform your driver and/or rearrange your airport pick-up. If you do not let us know, your airport pick-up will be forfeited and you will be responsible for finding your own way to the villa. (Cost will be about 300 – 350 euros.) The Rome airport has free WiFi so you can connect to message or call us via WhatsApp.

After you’ve found the “Exit” sign and left the baggage claim area, you’ll see a yellow gate which you should pass through to get to the exit area. There are 6 exits; your driver will await you at Exit #2.

Go through this gate after you’ve exited the baggage claim.

Step 3: Find Meeting Point #2 and your Driver

After you’ve passed through the yellow gate toward the taxi and airport pick-up area, you will see various exits numbered 1 – 6 on large yellow columns. After passing through the yellow gate, take a left and keep walking until you see Exit #2 and walk through the doors.Your driver will be waiting for you at Exit/Meeting Point #2. He will be holding a sign with your name on it.

Find this sign and exit here to find your driver.

Once you’ve found your driver, he will help you to the van and get your luggage loaded inside. There may be other people who landed at the same time as you so you may share a transfer to the villa with them. 

If you don’t see your driver right away, just sit tight at exit #2 and he’ll be there. If you wait at exit #2 and you still don’t see him after 10 – 15 minutes, please message or call us via WhatsApp. The most important thing is that you don’t move from that spot. Once you’ve found your driver, you’ll be off to start your Italian Villa Slowcation!

If you’d like to tip your driver, you’re welcome to tip him 5 euros.

Note: These instructions are for those who arrive in terminal 3 of the Rome airport. Most travelers will arrive in terminal 3. If you arrive at terminal 1, it is a very small terminal and only 1 exit after baggage claim so you won’t have any issues finding your driver.

We know that trying to find your Rome airport pick-up driver after a long flight can be stressful, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Most travelers don’t have any issues finding him, but be sure to have your phone on and connected to the airport WiFi just in case. Happy travels!

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