Tipping in Morocco: How Much & Who to Tip

Learn the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of tipping in Morocco. The tipping culture in Morocco is not as rigid as some countries you may have traveled to, but it is the norm. Read all about it in this blog!

Camel riding in Morocco Sahara Desert

Camel trekking in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

Should you tip in Morocco?

Tipping is customary in Morocco, but it is not mandatory. The best rule of thumb when it comes to tipping is to roundup the bill and leave spare change. If you received poor or inadequate service, you are not obligated to tip. Tips are generally not included in the bill in Morocco, though some more upscale restaurants have begun adding a 10 – 15% service charge to the bill. In this blog, we’ll explain how much and who to tip during your travels in Morocco. 

PRO TIP: For the sake of convenience, it’s sometimes easier to think of 10 dirhams as approximately 1 USD.

Who do I tip in Morocco?

Server at restaurant in MoroccoIt is standard practice to tip tour guides, tour bus drivers, restaurant & cafe servers, taxi drivers and hotel luggage porters in Morocco. If someone offers you exemplary service by going above and beyond, we recommend offering a tip as a gesture of appreciation.

Expect to be asked for a tip if you wish to take a picture of a market vendor, artisan products, a snake charmer, etc. They’ll generally ask for anything from 10 – 50 dirhams (≈ 1 – 5 USD). Remember that it is always good practice to ask permission before taking a photo!

Tipping your tour guide and tour bus driver at the end of your trip is also strongly recommended, especially if you are satisfied with the service they provided and they helped you have a great trip.

NOTE: We always suggest tipping your hotel maids as the majority are females. Morocco is a very male-dominated society with many women lacking access to education and decent job opportunities. Hotel maids are very hard working and deserving of a tip just as much as your luggage porter or restaurant waiter.

How much should I tip in Morocco?

Below is a list of who and how much to tip while traveling through Morocco:Waiters in a restaurant in Morocco

  • Restaurant/Cafe servers: Round up the bill & leave spare change. (i.e. If the bill is 137 dirhams, round up to 150)
  • Taxi drivers: Round up the fare & leave spare change. (i.e. If the fare is 25 dirhams, round up to 30)
  • Luggage porters: 10 dirhams per piece of luggage. More if your luggage is extremely heavy.
  • Housekeeping: 10 dirhams per day on the nightstand/desk at the end of your stay.
  • Photo of vendor, products, etc.: 10 – 50 dirhams depending if and how much they ask for.

PRO TIP: Try to pay with larger bills whenever possible in order to make small change for tipping at more upscale restaurants or when purchasing something that’s a bit more expensive. Making change for market vendors or small cafes and eateries can sometimes be very difficult!

Tangier hotel room

Hotel maids make sure your unique Moroccan accommodations are beautiful and comfortable!

Should I tip my tour guide in Morocco?

We always recommend tipping your Moroccan tour guide and tour bus driver, especially if you feel they did an exceptional job and enhanced your experience.

Below are suggested amounts for tipping your tour guide and bus driver at the end of the trip based on our past travelers’ feedback from our 12-day Morocco trip

  • Tour guide: 500 – 1500 dirhams (≈ $40 – $150 USD)
  • Driver: 200 – 400 dirhams (≈ $15 – $35 USD)

PRO TIP: When withdrawing from an ATM in Morocco, try to take out an odd numbered amount (i.e. 490 instead of 500 dirhams) and you’ll get smaller bills that are easier for small, local vendors to break! For more information on exchanging currency in Morocco, check out our How to Exchange Money in Morocco blog.

Oranges in Chefchaouen, Morocco (The Blue City)

Chefchaouen, also known as The Blue City

Tipping in Morocco is pretty modest and straightforward. Just remember, tipping is not compulsory and tips should only be given when excellent service is received. Happy travels!

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