1. Because the estate is quite large with 23 rooms the average size of the group will be between 8 – 25 people.

  2. The estate is located in the town of Portpatrick, Scotland.  The estate is a 2 hour drive from Glasgow which is the city you will need to arrive and depart from.

  3. There is no single supplement for this trip, meaning you will get your own room without having to pay extra.

  4. The official currency of Scotland (UK) is the Pound Sterling £ (GBP) sometimes referred to as ‘quid.’

  5. We strongly recommend that you use ATMs while in Scotland as they usually offer the best exchange rates. The easiest way is to pull money out from the ATM at the airport upon arrival.  It is always a good idea to carry some cash (USD, Euro) in case your bank puts a hold on your ATM card.

    If you do want to exchange money, avoid exchanging money at commercial exchange bureaus, hotels and at the airport; which often have the highest transaction fees. It is best to exchange money at a local bank.

    You can find ATMs at almost all bank branches, as well as at most large supermarkets, some petrol stations, in shopping malls, airports and some post offices.

    You can withdraw up to £500 a day from a cash machine (ATM).  Since most of your activities and meals are included you should not need more than this for the duration of your trip.  It is best to pull the maximum amount from the ATM to avoid transaction fees.

  6. Yes, credit cards are widely accepted throughout Scotland but be advised American Express is not always accepted.

  7. Tipping isn’t particularly expected in Scotland but with that being said, it does depend on the service.

    In restaurants it would be polite to tip around 10% of your total bill.

    Since we will have the same chefs, waiters/waitresses, drivers and guides we can pool our money at the end of our trip to give to the staff at the estate.

  8. Almost all meals and activities are included in the trip cost along with airport pick-up and drop-off so you should not need very much money during your stay.  The only money you will need is for souvenirs, tips and for the bar on-site.  The amount of money you will need will depend on how much you drink (alcohol) and how many souvenirs you would like to buy during your stay.

    We suggest having access to 300 – 500 USD either in cash or credit/debit card.

  9. Americans, Canadians and Australians do not need a visa for tourism to the United Kingdom for a stay up to 6 months.

    As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally.  Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel.

  10. When using your phone overseas, be sure to check with your provider to get informed about data and call roaming prices. When you land in Scotland, you will usually get a message from your provider that will give you the price of data, calls and texts in that country. See the example below :

    Welcome to Scotland! Your plan gives you unlimited data at up to 2G speeds and texts at no extra cost. Calls at 20 cents/min. Want our fastest data and unlimited calls? Get an International Pass for just $5/day. 

    You may consider contacting your service provider to learn about what kind of international plans they offer for calls, texts and data.

  11. Yes, there is wifi on the estate and you should be able to access the wifi from you room and the common areas.  When exploring the grounds of the estate you will not have wifi.

  12. Voltage for outlets is 230V. North American voltage is generally 110V. Therefore, you will need a converter for your travels. Adapters will be necessary to adapt your plug into the outlet, but these may not convert the voltage so both devices are necessary.
    Irish facilities have 3-prong outlets with two flat prongs in line and one perpendicular, which looks like this :

  13. Scotland has cool nights as well as rain and wind year-round. It is essential to pack a jacket as well as a wind breaker and rain gear.

  14. Bring a good rain jacket and wind breaker as the weather can be unpredictable.

    Below are a few things that we suggest bringing to make your trip more comfortable :

    • Sunglasses/hat
    • Umbrella
    • Rain jacket/wind breaker
    • Warm jacket
    • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes
    • Comfortable clothing for hiking/walking on trails
    • Small, across the shoulder day bag or small backpack
    • Bathing suit (for beach)
    • Any prescription medication and over the counter medicine
    • Golf outfit/accessories (if you signed up for this excursion)
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Flashlight or head torch

    Hairdryers are provided in each room along with a set of small toiletries.

    Many of the dinners and cocktail hours will be semi-formal.  There is no dress-code per say but if you would like to bring some dresses, slacks, collared shirts that would be preferable.  We are at a historic estate so lets dress the part!  Also, there is a ‘dress-up’ room on the property with outfits and elaborate head dresses and accessories. If you would like, you can bring an elaborate dress with sequins or a whimsical dress to wear and then you can style it with the accessories in the dress-up room but this completely up to you.

  15. Yes.  There will be a laundry bag in each room and you can put dirty laundry in the bag and the maids will come around daily to collect the bags and will return the following day. This service is complimentary.

  16. On the estate the tap water is very clean and you can drink.  The estate gets their water from a natural spring on the estate.


    Yes, after you reserve your spot you will be giving a questionnaire that will ask for any special dietary requirements and/or foods that you do not like.  We will then cater your menu to suite your needs.

    There are always vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free substitutes available. They vary entirely on the produce available during that week to ensure freshest quality.  Here are some examples of  the vegan menu:


        • Swede tagliatelle, white miso emulsion, non dairy parmesan and brioche crumbs
        • Spring pea and broad bean gnudi, nettle and walnut pesto
        • Crispy globe artichokes stuffed with spelt and tarragon and salsa verde
        • Spinach, leek and oregano kataifi pie served with oregano and lemon panzanella
        • Slow cooked aubergine, tamarind, roasted roscoff onion, truffled white bean puree

    The estate strives to support organic, sustainable, and responsible cuisine. They are committed to high grade meats, locally sourced ingredients, organic and cruelty-free farm practices, and most of all, thoughtful conservation in packaging, recycling, and up cycling. Most importantly, they aim to use game caught on the estate, and wild produce foraged all year long. 

  18. Yes, we offer private tours to Scotland for groups of 6 or more people. The itinerary can be entirely tailored to your needs while you will enjoy a personalized experience with our guides and your friends and family.

    Please contact us at info@globe-drifters.com for more information.