Naxos, Greece 10-day Trip

$2,500 – Trip cost (See below for inclusions and exclusions.)

I’m a single traveler. Will I be charged a single supplement?

There is no single supplement fee for this trip. You can upgrade your room for an additional fee. 

*Please see the ‘Rooms’ tab for more information on this.  All rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you are 2 people who are sharing a room, you can pick any room and you will not have to pay any upgrade fee.  We suggest the Penthouse!

What is included :

  • 9 or 14 nights accommodation in a boutique hotel
  • Local Greek guide/concierge
  • Globe Drifters host
  • Airport/Ferry pick-up from Naxos
  • Breakfast served daily
  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • 3 lunches
  • Activities as noted on the itinerary

What is not included :

  • Most dinners & lunches
  • Gratuities
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Souvenirs
  • International flight
  • Domestic flight and/or Ferry
  • Supplementary insurance
  1. In the breakfast area of the boutique hotel, there will be a board that you can post announcements on. If you would like to host a happy hour before dinner one night, you can add this announcement to the whiteboard and invite your fellow travelers. It is your choice which activities you want to participate in and you are free to plan events, host dinners, or organize trips/excursions for the group or just for yourself. Also, there will be sign-up sheets for optional activities and excursions that you can join in on but again it is completely your choice. 

    Find out more by clicking the link below:


  2. The minimum age on our tours is 18. Each group consists of 8 – 14 travelers.  We prefer boutique group travel because, based on our experience, small groups easily able to integrate into local society and generally have more authentic contact with the locals.

    A small group number also means that we will receive more personal treatment by the trip host who can thoroughly attend to the needs of each person. Small groups are also more mobile and flexible as travel plans can be easily altered. If the group discovers a special event or festival that they would like to attend, it is easy to organize with a smaller group.

  3. The hotel is located on Naxos island. Naxos island one of the best-kept secrets in the Aegean.  It is a hidden gem; more like a secret island where you can peacefully escape the touristy scene. Being in Naxos feels like an immersion in the slow and peaceful Greek island life!

    Naxos is Historical

    Naxos has always been an interesting place for archeologists and those with an interest in history and culture. The island’s central location in the Aegean as well as the richness of the soil has made it a self-sufficient territory, which allowed for important developments over the centuries. The fertile land and agricultural wealth put Naxos at the center of trade in the Aegean, and the island has long been seen as a key prize for various conquerors. Grand castles and centuries-old mansions testify to the sophistication of Naxos’s residents and rulers through the ages.

    Easily Accessible to Other Islands

    When talking about islands (and especially the Greek islands), one cannot but get the urge to go sailing and island hopping. There is so much to see and experience. Naxos is perhaps the best place to serve as a base for island hopping simply because it is located at the center of the Cyclades.

    The Cycladic complex has many islands, some world-famous. Mykonos, Santorini and Paros are just the most recognizable, but there are others that are truly stunning, even though fewer tourists know about them. Delos, Donoussa, Schinoussa, Koufonissia and Iraklia are some examples. The easiest and cheapest way to get to them is by ferry or by day cruise.

    Hotel Location

    The location of our hotel is 5 minutes by foot to a golden beach with chair/umbrella rentals and with plenty of beachside restaurants to choose from. It is a 10 minutes walk into town and steps away from a local grocery store and small cafes. There is a bus stop next to our hotel so if you would like to head to other parts of the island that are not reachable on foot you can easily do so with bus transport.

    Beaches and more Beaches!

    Naxos still manages to offer more activities than many other islands combined, meaning that you really need to look no further to design the ultimate Greek stay. All Greek islands by default offer great swimming and fantastic beaches, but Naxos is even more blessed than most. The entire western coast of the island consists almost entirely of one long beach of golden sand after the other.

    Food, Glorious Food!

    Remember what we said about Naxos’ agricultural wealth? You certainly will when you sit down at one of the island’s fantastic restaurants to enjoy some of the finest local products one can find anywhere in the Mediterranean.

    The most self-sufficient island in the Cyclades, the fruits of Naxos’s fertile soils are diverse and plentiful. At many local restaurants, you will be treated to delicious dishes made with vegetables bursting with freshness that were picked only a few hours earlier (often from the garden just out back). On top of that, the island boasts top-quality meats and local cheeses – and of course fresh fish plucked straight from the Aegean daily.

    When you go shopping in town many of the products being sold are locally made right there on the island and so make sure to save room in your suitcase to bring home some goodies!

    Local Greek Life

    As fine as its beaches are, though, the island’s greatest beauty lies amid the villages and landscapes of the interior.

    The road inland doesn’t follow the shoreline but instead loops up through mountain villages that inhabit a lush landscape dotted with tiny white churches. The views are astonishing—on a clear day, you can look straight out to sea. Most of these villages have a population of 100 people or so making them idyllic and quaint.  Most day-trippers to Naxos never make their way into the mountainous interior to see these villages meaning they remain truly authentic.

    Many of the small restaurants in the villages serve up home-style Greek food that changes daily depending on what is in season—lamb stew with lemon sauce and dill or sefoukloti, a traditional local pie with chard, fennel, and wild herbs.

    Overall, we believe Naxos to offer the most than any other island in Greece!

  4. Our hotel is 3 kilometers from Naxos ferry port.  The central location of Naxos makes it a perfect departure port for some island hopping in the Greek islands! Here are some ferry connections from the port of Naxos, and their duration:

    The port of Naxos is also a very popular option as a gateway to the islands of the Small Cyclades. From Naxos, you can get a ferry to the beautiful islands of AmorgosKoufonisiaDonousaSchinoussa or Iraklia.

    *Click on the links above to get a description of the islands and/or the ferry schedule.

  5. Past travelers have told us that the group dynamic was one of the highlights of the trip.

    Most of our travelers are in their late 30s – early 70s with many being solo female travelers. Generally, we get a good mix of diverse people and every trip is unique thanks to the energy created by the group.

  6. When most people arrive they want to ‘hit the ground running.’  So we have included 3 excursions at the beginning of each trip so that you have activities to do upon arrival and then you can arrange your optional excursions for later dates.  These 3 trips are included in the cost of the trip.  Thereafter you will have choice in activity at an additional cost.  It is completely up to you how you spend your days.

    We will have sign up sheets for certain activities that might interest you (cooking class, horseback riding, snorkeling trips, etc…) and you can choose to join in based on your interests. Most of the popular places in the area are easily reachable by bus or if enough people sign up you can rent a van for the day.  Your tour host and your Greek guide will be there to facilitate and arrange activities and excursions as well as make any necessary reservations.

    Most everything in this area does not require advanced purchase so just arrive and we will do the legwork for you!

    If you would like to read up on the different activities and landmarks on the island click the link below

    Naxos Information Page

  7. The official currency of Greece is the Euro (EUR).

    Find out the live mid-market rate for your currency by using a currency converter online.

  8. We strongly recommend that you use ATMs while in Greece as they usually offer the best exchange rates. The easiest way is to pull money out from the ATM at the airport upon arrival and throughout your trip.  It is always a good idea to carry some cash on you in case your bank puts a hold on your ATM card.

    You can find ATMs at almost all bank branches, as well as at most large supermarkets, some petrol stations, in shopping malls, airports, and some post offices. There is a bank very close to where we are staying so you should have no issues finding an ATM.

    It’s important to tell your bank and/or credit card company that you’ll be using your card in Greece. Some banks block transactions in foreign countries or currencies if they haven’t been forewarned of your travel plans.

    Since euros are a popular currency most banks in your home town/city will exchange your local currency for euros.  This a very convenient way to get euros but be aware that some banks might not have favorable exchange rates or charge additional fees to exchange. It is best to check with your bank to see what fees are associated with exchanging money in your home town.

  9.  10-Day Trip

    We recommend having access to anywhere between 400 to 500 euros during the duration of your stay.

  10. Nationals of Australia, Canada and the United States do not need a visa for a stay up to 90 days. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six (6) months after the date you plan to exit Greece or the Schengen Area.

    As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally. Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel.

  11. When using your phone overseas, be sure to check with your provider to get informed about data and call roaming prices. When you land in Greece, you will usually get a message from your provider that will give you the price of data, calls and texts in that country. See the example below :

    Welcome to Greece! Your plan gives you unlimited data at up to 2G speeds and texts at no extra cost. Calls at 20 cents/min. Want our fastest data and unlimited calls? Get an International Pass for just $5/day. 

    You may consider contacting your service provider to learn about what kind of international plans they offer for calls, texts and data.  Otherwise, you can connect to wifi at cafes and restaurants.  The villa we are staying at has wifi throughout and you will be able to use wifi from your room and the general living areas.  If you are not used to connecting to wifi networks, it might be best to get an international plan for the duration of your stay.  You can also buy a sim card at the airport upon arrival.

  12. For Greece, there are three associated plug types: types C, E, and F.

    Below is an example of the two-round pins plug (type C).

  13. Below are a few things that we suggest bringing to make your trip more comfortable:

    • Sunglasses/hat
    • Flashlight/headlamp
    • Jacket for evenings/nighttime
    • Swimsuit
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Flip flops/sandals
    • Sunscreen (Biodegradable, if possible)
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Shampoo/conditioner/soap
    • Small backpack or across the shoulder bag for the day
    • Any prescription medication and/or over the counter medicine
    • Adapters
    • Extra bag for souvenirs (if needed)
    • Water bottle
    • Water shoes (for the rocky shore)

    All rooms have a hairdryer, hair straightener, flip flops, beach towels, bath sponge, mosquito repellent device, makeup removal pads, and sample size toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mouthwash, etc…

  14. Laundry service is available at the hotel and takes less than 24 hours to complete. A full large bag of clothes costs 13 Euros.

    Ironing can be done for an extra fee. There are ironing boards and irons for guests to use free of charge as well.

  15. Breakfast will be served daily from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.  The breakfast buffet offers 68 different delicacies to choose from, many of them vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and homemade.  Of course, tea and coffee will be served at breakfast as well.  You will also have a kettle in your room with tea and coffee.

    A unique feature of the hotel is the pillow menu so you will be able to sleep in comfort with the pillows you prefer.  There are also bathrobes and slippers in each room.

    Maid service will come in daily to clean the rooms.

    On offer at the hotel for purchase is beer/wine as well as lunch, dinner, and snacks.  There is a mini-refrigerator in your room to store any food/drinks or you can store in the main kitchen refrigerator.  There is a grocery store steps away from the hotel so you can easily buy any items there and bring them back to the hotel.

  16. The tap water in Greece is safe to drink but does have a funny taste so many people prefer bottled water.

    Right outside the hotel, there is a natural water spring where people can refill their bottles with drinkable water coming from the mountains above.

    In order to alleviate the growing plastic epidemic, we will buy large jugs of water and leave in the breakfast area and you can use these jugs to re-fill your water bottle. The water jugs will be re-filled daily from the natural spring close to our hotel.

    The mini-bar in each room has soda/beer/water for purchase and a bottled water costs 0.50 cents.

  17. Greece does not have a strong tipping culture. In restaurants, taxis, and for personal services, all tips are at your discretion, and if you do decide to tip, around 10% of the total bill is appreciated.

    Tipping your tour guide/concierge: If you feel he/she did an exceptional job, then you can tip anywhere from $5 – $10 a day.

  18. Yes, we offer private tours to Greece for groups of 5 or more people. The itinerary can be entirely tailored to your needs while you will enjoy a personalized experience with our guides and your friends and family.

    If planning a family reunion or a trip with friends we can take care of all the details and work with you to create an amazing experience!

    Please contact us at for more information.


Nationals of Australia, Canada and the United States do not need a visa for a stay up to 90 days. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six (6) months after the date you plan to exit Greece or the Schengen Area.

As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally. Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel.


Your arrival and departure city should be Naxos Airport (JNX) or Naxos Port. Your hotel is 10 minutes away from the port and airport.  If you decide to fly into Naxos more than likely you will have a layover in Athens.  If you need help booking your flight or ferry to Naxos please contact a local travel agent in Greece.

If you would like to book a ferry ticket you can book one here at this link:  Ferry Tickets

Airport or ferry pick-up is included in the price of your trip and someone will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel upon arrival.

*Please do not book any flights until you receive a confirmation email from us.

This 13 bedroom boutique hotel is set in the peaceful countryside away from the noise of Naxos Old Town yet a 15-minute walk into Old Town and a 5-minute walk to the beaches.  In essence, you have the best of both worlds.

The hotel is beautifully appointed, impeccably clean, and very comfortable. The personal attention of the concierge team ensures that every need will be taken care of.



Room Description

There are 13 bedrooms in this hotel. Totally refurbished, the rooms all have a Simmons mattress, a feather pillow menu, 360 thread cotton sheets, a water kettle with tea and coffee, a mini-refrigerator with a selection of drinks for purchase, a safe box, slippers, and bathrobe as well as a selection of toiletries.

There is no elevator on the property so please be aware of this when making your room selection.

After you book and pay your deposit, you will make your room selection. Room selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.  If the room is not listed, it means it is already sold out.

Please read the description of each room below before making your room selection. All rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.  The sooner you book the better chance you have of getting the room you prefer.

*If you are 2 people who are sharing a room, you can pick any room and you will not have to pay an upgrade fee. 

Garden Double

This room is located on the ground floor and is the one and only room on the ground level.  If you have difficulty climbing stairs this would be a good option.  It has a small outdoor seating area (veranda).  King bed only.  No wardrobe in this room. There is no upgrade fee associated with this room.

Standard Room

This room is the standard room.  Each room has a wardrobe, a desk, and a balcony with a table and chairs.  The bed is a king but can be converted into twin beds if needed.   There is no upgrade fee associated with this room.  There are 4 standard rooms.  Three rooms are on the 2nd floor and one room is on the 1st floor.

Executive Double

This room is the executive double room.  These rooms have an outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony. Each room has a wardrobe, a desk, and a balcony with a table and chairs.  The bed is king size.  There is no upgrade fee associated with this room.  There are 3 executive double rooms. One room is on the 1st floor and the other two rooms are on the 2nd floor.

Upgrade fee:

10 Day: $150 USD


This room is the suite.  These rooms have a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom as well as a rain shower.   The suite has 2 rooms; a bedroom and a living room with a sofa (that can be made into a bed).  The room has 2 wardrobes, a desk, and a balcony with a table and chairs.  The bed is king-size and can be converted into twin beds. There are 2 suites. Both suites are on the 1st floor.

Please note: If you are 2 people sharing; you can select this room and not pay an upgrade fee.

Upgrade fee:

10 Day: $350 USD


This room is the penthouse.  These rooms have an outdoor terrace with a jacuzzi bathtub and a sitting area with panoramic views. Each room has a wardrobe and a desk. The bed is king size. There are 2 penthouses and both are on the 3rd floor. Please be aware that there is no elevator on the property.

Please note: If you are 2 people sharing (note there is only a king bed in these rooms) you can select this room and not pay an upgrade fee.

Upgrade fee:

10 Day: $750 USD

We recommend that you purchase trip/travel insurance for your trip. We work with Travelex, which offers travel protection plans to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Travel protection plans include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more. Otherwise, you are welcome to shop around online for a provider and policy that best suits your needs.

For more information on the recommended plans or to enroll, click on the image below or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792. Globe Drifters’ reference location number is 09-0984.

Trip insurance get a quote travelex

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex CA Agency License #0D10209. All products listed are underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. 11.17 E7N